Imaginary Friend has released one full-length album (see below for more details). While we have recorded other albums, none of them have been released officially... and frankly, we're all probably better off for it.
A, B & C

A, B & C  (July 2007)

"A, B & C" was recorded in bits and pieces on a large handful of weekends between 2004 and 2007. It is the first major release by Imaginary Friend.

DISC 1 (Album)

The album was completely home-recorded in the usual way (i.e. drunk, and cheaply). No fancy studios or fancy instruments were involved during any stage of the process. Over 25 songs were actually written and recorded during these sessions, and we eventually whittled that number down to what you see on the final release (you're welcome).

Somewhere along the way, the concept of dividing the album into sections began to take shape and it was decided to name them "A, B & C" in reference to an episode title of The Prisoner, an obscure television show from the late 60's. Indeed, this is but one of many Prisoner references that can be found in the final product. The other main source of running references on the album is a band called dada. It is a long-standing tradition for us to throw as many dada references as possible into our albums, and "A, B & C" is our most ambitious effort yet in this regard (dada fans should be very pleased).

DISC 2 (Commentary)

Why is this album so damn long? Why aren't either of the "blues"-titled songs actually blues songs? Will Neal ever play guitar on an Imaginary Friend album ever again? Who is your only friend, and how well exactly do we know him?

If you yearn for the answers to these (and more) questions, you'll be happy to know that this album also features a second disc containing a full-length track-by-track audio commentary by the band. Two CDs for the price of one? That's not a bad deal at all... (we think).



To hear sound clips and view details for each song, click on the track titles to the left (the information will be displayed in this box). Lyrics and chords for each individual track can be downloaded from their respective detail pages.

Lyric and chord files for the entire album are also available. Use the following links to download the complete set of lyrics/chords all at once:

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