Welcome to the Imaginary Home Page, the last band web site on Earth not built with Flash. Imaginary Friend is a duo of musicians in southern New England who have nothing better to do with their time than create music and video that nobody listens to or watches. If you wish to become part of this ultra-exclusive club, all you have to do is join us in our unique brand of madness... it's that simple! Don't be a square, become an ifriend fan! ...and oh yeah, we have a new CD available, too.
latest news

Here are the latest happenings in and around Imaginary Friend land...

09/13/2014 Removed the audio and video pages. PS - YouTube (and whoever the a-hole was who decided to file a complaint that our videos constituted some kind of copyright/trademark violation) can go screw themselves.
01/12/2011 Added a ZIP file to the audio downloads page which contains three four outtakes from the "A, B & C" sessions. Enjoy!
02/18/2010 I have added a special page to the video chronicles section to host the individual videos that YouTube muted on us (due to "copyright" issues). To view these despicable law-breaking abominations, please check out the muted videos page. Enjoy!
08/08/2007 More digital distribution options have been added to the "Where To Buy" section on the discography page, including iTunes, Napster and
08/03/2007 More retail options have been added to the "Where To Buy" section on the discography page. Quite a few more digital distribution options will be added soon as well... so stay tuned!
07/18/2007 As promised... sound clips, lyrics and chords for the new album are now available on the discography page. Enjoy!
07/13/2007 Our long awaited CD – entitled "A, B & C" – is finally available! Check out the official announcement here! Over 3 years in the making, this album is the culmination of many, many, many cases of beer. Check out our discography for more information. The album also includes a free bonus disc (containing a full-length audio commentary by the band). Sound clips, lyrics and chords for the album will be posted next week. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!
07/13/2007 At 7:13 on the evening of 7/13, the new Imaginary Friend web site officially went live! As you have probably guessed, the site has been updated to coincide with the release of our new album. While everything is pretty basic at the moment, we plan to update periodically with more bonus audio downloads, videos, and products. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email or stop by our discussion boards. We hope you enjoy the new web site, and please look forward to more content in the future!